Dun Dotta Beginnings

  • Way deep in the midwest on the west side of Chicago, Illinois. What was once a dream becomes reaity through deep royalty in culture, heritage, and spirituality. The 'Dun' standing for the King and 'Dotta' standing for the Queen extends a perspective of nobility, in a sense of love relating to the deep roots of family. 
  • The begnning of Dun Anthony and Dotta Andrea, began with the creation of life in 94' of baby Dun AJ. Over the years as they grew, so did the love and protection for each other. As communication became easier, ideas and dreams came closer to manifestation. With the passing of a few family members, they continued loving strong.
  • Passing on a legacy has always been the goal. Stemming from many descendants before. Even now in the present day, getting it done is the only option.The DUN DOTTA brand came to be during the time in a national pandemic. Creativity and visionary characteristics stood out in this family and this brand came to be.   
  • DUN DOTTA's inspiration came from the mindset of team and family unity. As an African American family and black owned business owners. A new goal has been set to create a flourishing company, and also intrigue and teach others the ways of unity through creatvity. The creators of DUN DOTTA would like to bring back unity into every household that comes across this united brand. DUN DOTTA